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주요기능 및 특징

Prime sCMOS Camera


4.2 MpixelsCMOS카메라

FPGA-based Embedded Signal Processing engine (ESP) 사용하여

  ​Real-time 으로 깨끗한 영상 구현

          –장시간의 사용으로 인한 Phototoxicity 최소화

100 frame per sec (Full Frame: 2048 x 2048)

● Micro-Manager와 완벽한 호환

PrimeEnhance™ quantitatively increases the Signal to Noise Ratio by 3X-5X,

   increasing the clarity and quality of images.

PrimeLocate™ dynamically evaluates acquired images and reduces the surplus of

   data generated during high speed super-resolution imaging.


■ High-Sensitive - Calcium Ratio, Live Cell

■ Large Area Imaging

■ Fluorescence Imaging

■ Light Sheet Microscopy

■ TIRF Microscopy

■ Re-Scanned Confocal Microscopy